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What are irreconcilable differences?

What are irreconcilable differences Lawyer, Houston, Texas

In Texas, there are SEVEN (7) general reasons (also known as “grounds”) to obtain a divorce in Texas, such as: cruelty, adultery, felony criminal conviction, abandonment, living apart, confinement in a mental hospital, and insupportability. Uncommon reasons for a divorce include alcohol or substance abuse, impotency, infertility, homosexuality, cultural or religious differences, and (lack of) financial backing.

Insupportability (also known as “irreconcilable differences”) is the most common ground for a divorce, because it does not require any of the parties to accept blame/fault. Texas is considered a no-fault state, which means that the government does not require a person to list a specific ground for a divorce.

Most attorneys will encourage spouses to list irreconcilable differences on the Final Decree of Divorce, because this divorce reason does not require any showing of proof.

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