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“I used David for both the divorce and immigration services. David has been professional and responsive throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend.”


“I was looking for an attorney that my husband and I would feel comfortable taking on my case. I read many reviews and once I spoke to David about my case I knew that he would be the best attorney for us. I applied for adjustment of status and submitted a 245(i)because I wanted to lessen any chance in having to leave the Country to adjust my status. I also met the qualifications for the 245(i) The attorney submitted all application forms and was there for the whole process until my green card was approved. We had so many questions and concerns throughout the process, David would answer all my questions and would always reply and keep me updated with my case. Once Our marriage interview was scheduled, David prepared us for any questions and any information that would be asked. We were extremely prepared with David’s help. He put together a very strong evidence packet with all and information that the interviewer would be looking for. I was also told by the interviewer that if it wasn’t for my 245(i) application that was submitted with all the applications and forms that I would have had to leave the country to adjust status. I absolutely would recommend David and his team he’s very thorough and genuinely wants his clients to be successful with their case.”


“This is a long overdue review. I contacted David in 2017 to help me through the immigration process for my wife and two children. I am an American and had moved back to the US after many years away, with my foreign wife and two children. Immigration proceedings can be difficult to understand when you don’t know the law and trying to do this yourself is risky. If you make a mistake you get denied. I understood this and sought help from a professional. David is exceptional. He guided me and my wife throughout the entire process. He instructed me what documents to collect, what was important and not important. Going through an immigration application can be stressful and anxiety provoking, but David was always calm and right to the point when it came to what the law required and what the immigration office expected. Working with a professional is highly recommended. My wife and children got their Green cards exactly 1.5 years later. Currently, we are working with David on our 2-year renewal and are confident this will go as well as the initial application. Thank you David! I do not have any negative feedback about David and his team. They are highly professional, measured, no-nonsense, and competent. I’m fortunate to had picked him when I was searching for lawyers in 2017.”


“I recently received my green card thanks to David. I filed a VAWA petition as I was going through a divorce with an abusive wife. His knowledge and insight were incredible. A VAWA is a difficult and detailed petition, one with a stigma. His responsiveness from day one until the day I got my green card felt like 24/7. Life changing when you find someone that delivers on being there for your goal and is understanding towards you. He was intelligent and thorough. Do not hesitate, I spoke to plenty of lawyers who charged more and none knew what he did. Thank you.”


“Attorney David M. Nguyen offered me truly exceptional services. He is the BEST Immigration Attorney EVER!!! He is a Professional, efficient, very knowledgeable, supportive, TOP CLASS COMMUNICATOR with Seasoned Office Staff/Working Team. My Immigration experiences was tough/challenging; He simplified it all within 12 months. Within 60 days my EAD & Travel Documents were Approved. I have a Green Card today. My experience with my prior attorney was the worse. My entire petitions were pending for over 3 years, I did not receive an approved EAD, I had 2 Alien Numbers to same USCIS Receipt Numbers (my prior attorney did NOTHING to resolve it, ignored my several complains about it) and his office staff did not file my supporting documents on time, everything was in a mess. I had to walk away and engage Attorney David M. Nguyen Mr. David revived all my pending petitions, made several contacts to USCIS, re-filled petitions with the right USCIS Forms and supporting documents, filled amendments, etc. I have a Green Card today and I am happy. I highly RECOMMEND him.”


“From beginning to end, we were very happy with David Nguyen and his team. They worked with us every step of the way, always on hand when we had a question or concern. On top of their availability, they were extremely knowledgeable and organized. The paperwork and jargon associated with this process could be daunting at times, but David and his team made the pages and pages of documents painless. When it was time for our appointment, the most nerve wracking part of the process, we were confident and prepared thanks to David’s expertise. Anyone who has been through this process will tell you to get a lawyer. What they should say is call David Nguyen.”


“Me and my wife just got our case got approved! David and his assistants did a great job with our paperwork! Nothing was missed. Even the officer mentioned how our folder was super organized and taken care on details.

We got in touch with David after googling “best immigration attorneys in Houston”. Now I understand why their office is very successful and why their cases all get approved. Every penny is worth if you decide to hire David for your attorney.

Thank you David for your hard work, patience and friendliness.”


“I am extremely proud of the quality of legal representation of Law Offices of David Nguyen. “I can’t think of anyone more capable than David Nguyen in the area of immigration law. Mr. David not only has considerable personal experience of practicing immigration law, but he has an uncommon interest in the lives of the clients he serves. He is truly remarkable. There is no one I would rather use or recommend than David Nguyen in this area.” I was able to achieve a favorable result on my marriage based green card case! David Nguyen was detailed and always kept me posted on my case by email or phone. He is very accessible and treated me with respect. I will always recommend him to anyone needing an immigration lawyer. Thank you David Nguyen. God Bless you!”

Saidi A.

“I was searching for a lawyer or my marriage base immigration and he stood out from all the lawyers I found. From the consultation until the day before our interview, David and his assistants were very accommodating, quick to respond to questions and always updating whenever there were updates on my case while we were waiting for the interview date.

David asked a lot of documents from us to be sent to USCIS as supporting documents and It really helped us during the interview process.

During the interview, it only took us more or less 15 minutes and our interviewer even commented that we have a good attorney, meaning they are well aware of Attorney David’s work.

Although his services are quite expensive but it was VERY WORTH IT!!!!

We are very happy with Attorney David’s services.”

A Satisfied Client

“David helped to get my case approved by assisting to put all the necessary documents and information together professionally while taking note of every important detail. David knows his job and does it per excellence. If you happen to have any case on immigration, among others, please go in search of this result oriented lawyer. I will always ALWAYS recommend him to anyone that wants success with his or her case.”


“David Nguyen is a great immigration lawyer. I initially contacted David to assist my family with the green card application based on the online reviews that he has, and all the good things that I read about him were true. David was very efficient, supportive and present in every step of my application. David and his staff have been very responsive by email, phone and text even throughout COVID-19 pandemic.

I would recommend attorney David Nguyen to any person seeking a professional immigration lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“David and his staff have been very helpful from the first day that we contacted them. One thing I was impressed with every time I visited his office is how peaceful the office is and how calm and organized his work and thoughts are. His staff is also very nice and responsive they assisted us in filling out all the forms and they verified all the documents and scanned the full application package. With continuously changing immigration laws, attorney Nguyen was always here for us to help with updates and clarifications. I would recommend attorney David Nguyen to any person seeking a professional and very helpful immigration lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“Attorney David with his team are very professional and meticulous in what they do. They guided and followed up our naturalization case from inception to completion, I’ve not been opportune to have any other dealing with other immigration attorneys but my experience with them was awesome. I can’t but only recommend them to anyone that I know, but will be happy to work with them in the future. Thanks for all your efforts and working so hard on our case.”

A Satisfied Client

“My name is Nunik and attorney Nguyen helped my naturalization process. He explained the process clearly and the term of the process was exactly like what he had explained to me. A very professional, humble and friendly person. I could contact him directly anytime if I had any questions and he would answer right then. Definitely, I recommended him.”


“When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.

We would like to THANK David and his team for assisting in our journey. David is a master in his craft. he is personable, professional, understanding, quick to answer emails or calls with questions that you may have.

Usually, attorneys take 24-48 hours to respond to their emails, What I found special in David and his team that they respond in 2 hours. Sometimes at the same moment which is amazing!!

Also, he keeps his clients updated about their cases which is I think not every attorney does this.

By less than a year my case was approved.

Last but not least I would say David knows how to do his job very well. Always gave us instructions and what to do step by step.

Thank you David and will definitely come back for every case that we may have.”


“It was great working with David! He helped us put together everything we needed for our immigration case and was available when we had questions. Because of how well he prepared our files, his spot-on tips and God’s grace, we spent less than 15 minutes in the interview, had no trouble with the questions, and were approved for the green card within a few minutes after the interview. Highly recommend using him for your case!”


“My husband and I had a previous non-pleasant experience with another immigration lawyer, so Mr. Nguyen was a great find. Not only was he respectful and nice, but he was on every detail you could possibly imagine. He was always willing to answer our questions and every single one of our emails. He was a great guide in the process of getting my Green Card. We would hire him all over again.”

A Satisfied Client

“My husband and I hired David to help us get a green card for my husband after we got married. We were really nervous about the whole process so we wanted to invest in a lawyer that would help make the process less stressful and would make sure we did everything correctly. That’s exactly what we got with David. He was very professional, organized, and timely. We met with other lawyers but none really knew what they were talking about and charged large fees just to speak to them. We appreciated the free consultation so we could get to know him and it was clear to us that he truly cared about his work and knew what he was doing. I highly recommend hiring him.”


“David Minh Nguyen is the best immigration lawyer in Houston Texas. He and his team carefully prepared documents for me and my wife so that I could immigrate to the United States. He always updates me on immigration information via email and phone.”


“Attorney David Nguyen is by far the best attorney I have ever met. He and his entire team are very nice, knowledgeable and professional. From the very first time I contacted him, he had worked with me through everything from free consultation to successfully filling my green card petition in less than a year.

He’s been very patient with me throughout the entire process. He will always answer emails and calls regarding any questions you have at any time. He cares a lot about his clients. I am very pleased with the work he has done for me and I can never thank him enough for that.

So if you’re on the look for an attorney I highly recommend him. don’t think twice hire him, you will not regret it.”


“I got a chance to have a consultation with lawyer Nguyen and he provided us a very clear explanation and helped us solve our worries. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help with immigration.”


“I found David to be a kind and empathetic attorney who is quite knowledgeable in the law. I had specific questions that David helped me with. He’s definitely the type of attorney one would want to have as a personal attorney who’s accessible, knowledgeable and gets his clients well.”

A Satisfied Client

“David understands his profession and treats people with dignity and respect. Extremely professional. Great communication. David is a careful and well-informed attorney. I am pleased and extremely lucky to have decided to use his services. He did a very excellent job for me. Folks, if you are looking for an immigration attorney, look no further, You will never regret choosing David.”


“I gave Attorney David Nguyen 5 stars because of his remarkable, professional, and quality of work on my husband and I case. Our previous attorney was involved in a marriage fraud scandal and was called to appear before a federal court (plead not guilty). We were so stressful because all of the files including ours were seized by the FBI and Homeland Security for further investigation over our previous attorney (we didn’t a participant in any activity regarding the fraud). My husband googled to find a new attorney and we found Attorney David Nguyen on He was recognized and awarded as one of the 10 Best Immigration Attorneys in Houston (2018 and 2019). My husband saw that Attorney Nguyen will give a free consultation in 10 minutes via phone, so he contacted him and learned more information to get our case settled. Attorney Nguyen helped us to retrieved copies of our submitted file and helped us to repair well-organized documents before our interview which my husband and I were very impressed and satisfied. I received the Green Card after two weeks of the interview. We definitely recommend Attorney Nguyen and we appreciate your fabulous work.”

George & Lan

“Mr. David helped on our green card process. He was very knowledgeable and more organized on filling the petition. He made our life easier with constant updates and follow-ups. I would highly recommend him.”


“I am indeed elated to share my experience with Lawyer David. Lawyer David represented me and my daughter for our Adjustment of Status (Green Card application). He made the whole process so smooth and enjoyable. He kept us informed and updated throughout the process; he would send us a text, email, and even phone calls to remind us of critical dates and deadlines.

Lawyer David was so detailed with us, with all the necessary documents that we had to get, I was angry at a point that he was requesting too many documents, but I finally realized that he was only saving us from getting RFE and have unnecessary delays.

I recommend Lawyer David highly, not just for his effort in assisting us to get our permanent resident cards but also for his honesty on what he will do and what he will not do during the process. I am rewarded that I solicited a knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer to represent my family.

Thank you for making our journey so smooth and enjoyable.”


“I really appreciate all the help and professionalism I received from you and your staffs, all through this journey I felt safe and in good hands and also working with me through my financial challenges. Thanks a lot, DAVID.”


“David and his staff provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my marriage-based green card. David kept track of everything and reminded us when the times were coming. David foresaw and prepared everything carefully so that I knew what should be expected on the interview day. He was very reachable, and I felt very comfortable to work with him. Every time I had any questions, I called him and got answers right away. I knew I chose the right attorney from the first time I talked with David. Now, my case is approved and I am very thankful and appreciated David and his staff for going along with me and my husband. If you need any legal help, just go to “Law Office of David Nguyen, PC”, talk to David Nguyen, and you will never regret it.”

A Satisfied Client

“David Nguyen has helped me and my wife very much in submitting the right forms and all the evidence of our marriage for my adjustment of status, to me he’s one of the best immigration lawyers out there. Our interview went very well thanks to David for guiding us through with a mock interview . If anyone here needs a lawyer he is great so please don’t settle for less he will get the job, thanks David Nguyen we appreciate you sir. Thank you!!”


“I cannot say enough great things about Atty. David Nguyen. He and his associates were an absolute dream to work with. They were so incredibly helpful throughout my entire green card application process. They always made sure I was well-informed and answers all my questions. They were very organized and made sure to get the job done and continuously had my back. My first appointment interview date was in conflict with my wife and I’s flight overseas for a friend’s wedding and was worried since we already purchased the tickets beforehand. Atty. Nguyen made it look easy to reschedule and was approved. Therefore, we were able to attend the wedding overseas. Ultimately, I was able to attend my rescheduled interview and had my green card approved. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else! Thank you for everything that you’ve done in making this process smooth and hassle-free!”


“Attorney David is very specific to the point, He provided the exact information that I needed.”


“My experience at this law firm has been one of great progression and kindness. Mr. Nguyen helped me with the process of attaining my green card after it had been denied. He is a very knowledgeable and virtuous man with great work ethic. He and the other workers at the law firm expressed genuine concern and quality service when working on my case. 100% would recommend.”


“After the first consultation, David gave me such reassurance not only for his knowledge of immigration laws but also his patience in answering all of my questions thoroughly. The green card process being a frightening one, he and his team were the legal advocates I needed and they truly changed my life! He is very thorough, organized, and does not miss a beat! He always kept me updated but also I could reach him any time I had a question or concern and that’s difficult to find now in lawyers. It’s clear that he is truly passionate and takes pride in his work. Aside from his amazing work ethic, he is very affordable. I highly recommend the Law Office of David Nguyen!”


“We hired David Nguyen for our immigration process. He always took his time to explain and answer questions. He made a stressful process, comfortable. We strongly recommend him for you.”


“Mr. Nguyen made sure I understood every single answer he had for all of my questions. Very professional and a really nice person. He even answered some of my questions over the phone before I even met with him. You can see he is not only a lawyer but someone who is also willing to help.”


“I was filling up the ds160 form and I was so confused about some details. I found his number online and he was so kind to give me advice over the phone! Thank you so much.”


“David Nguyen knows what he does and he does with passion! My husband and I are happy and satisfied with the smooth immigration process conducted by him. Thank you!”


“He did exactly what he was supposed to do, very professional and to the point. We got our green card stress free and everything went smoothly.”

A Satisfied Client

“I first reached out to Atty. Nguyen almost 2 months ago to see if he accepted certain cases. Within that first call, he was able to answer ALL our concerns.

Although he already answered all our questions, we made another appointment to ask for help with some documents. He was very accommodating and met with us after hours, on a holiday, knowing it was time sensitive.

It was a high stress situation for us but his knowledge and way of explaining everything patiently calmed us.

Today, I reached out for help with a different case regarding immigration. Again, he was able to answer all our questions within that first conversation with him.

I will continue to consult David Nguyen in the future and I definitely will recommend him to friends and family.”

A Satisfied Client

“I don’t know Attorney Nguyen very well to give a detailed review; however, he gave me a 10-minute free consultation, which I thought was kind! He was nice and answered my questions. I just wanted to say thank you!”


“Atty Nguyen was awesome! He assisted me in my naturalization application ( I have a complicated case). Walked me through my application and we even did a mock interview, prior to the actual interview. Always followed up in a timely manner.”


“David provided the most concentrative effort to give us a clear understand on what a possible outcome could be should we not be very specific with our assets and end of life wishes. He guided us in a manner that helped us to look deeper than just surface. It was a very pleasant experience, one that now leaves us feeling better that our wishes and assets will be designated based on our desirable outcome.”

A Satisfied Client

“We used Mr Nguyen Esq (David) to assist us for the application of my wife’s green card. David was very through in putting together the package of evidence and took care of every detail. As full time RV travelers David kept us informed as to the status of our case as it progressed through the immigration system and served as our primary contact to ensure that no USG requirements or requests “fell through the cracks”. David also proved his expertise by “reading the tea leaves” and giving us fairly accurate estimates when major milestones would be reached for our case. We found David with an internet search and by reading reviews such as this. We plan on using David in the future for all our legal needs.”

Clemencia and Peter

“Excellent customer service, and he is very knowledgeable and understanding. David also ensures that his clients are getting the most value out of his services. I really appreciate their reminding, reporting, and updating system. He was highly recommended and I also recommend him highly.”

A Satisfied Client

“I just talked to him over the phone, by the way the consultation is free, he led me in the way, he is very nice and polite. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help me with my case, however he referred a list of attorneys that specialize in the area that I need. Thank you so much Mr. David.”

A Satisfied Client

“David Nguyen helped with the removal of the conditions on my green card. I would 100% recommend his law office for the processing immigration documents he was very clear, friendly and very quick to respond! I am amazed by the quality of his service, organization and I cannot stress how responsive he was to my e-mails, he always responded the same day, which was very reassuring and important especially with all of the government changes that have taken place. If you’re looking for an amazing immigration lawyer at a great price look no further, you won’t regret it. Thank you David for doing such an outstanding job!”


“I had an excellent experience working with David Nguyen. He was always very professional and helpful.”


“Everyone knows that it’s never a good situation when you have to turn to an attorney for resolution to a matter. As if the situation itself isn’t hard enough, the last thing someone wants to do in a time of grief, is worry about who they can trust to represent them. I didn’t know exactly what to do or how to start the process for my case, so after much research and consideration, I make an appt with David for consultation in his office. He was very pleasant, and professional, as he asked me to explain my case as best I could. He really listened intently and asked detailed questions. Until now, I still cannot believe the comfort and ease of the conversation also how pleasant the start of this process was. He is one of the most dedicated and fair attorneys I know, very responsible, efficient, and on the top of everything. I want to thank him again for everything he has done for me and my case. Thank you David!”


“David returned my call within minutes and answered all my questions free of charge. He is really educated with immigration Law. Prior to calling him, I called a few lawyers on the southwest side and they wanted to charge me $150 for an over-the-phone consultation. Thank you David for serving this community.”

Abdul M.

“We hired David for my spouse’s marriage based green card. David helped us with an exhaustive list of documentation and do’s and don’ts at the time of applying, ( a year and a half ago) and before the interview( last month). We got through the interview with no hurdles. The adjudication of our case was delayed for some reason. and David visited the USCIS office and spoke to an officer. We got our case approved after his visit. I have high regard for his work. Would recommend him to highly.!”


“Hey my name is Ahmad. I was in the middle of applying for a Green Card through my spouse, before I was placed in removal/deportation proceedings. Attorney Nguyen help me get out of immigration jail, helped me at the immigration court, and helped me get my Green Card. It took 2 years, but it was worth it.

I’m really thankful for attorney David for the great help he gave me. I really suggest anyone seeking immigration help to contact him. He was always on top of everything in the case.

DO NOT hesitate to contact him for help. Thank you attorney David for your great job.”


“David is super knowledgeable with the Immigration process and easy to talk with. I learned so much from him in just a matter of the first 5 minutes, even after months of researching online in regards to my K1 visa for my fiancé in Vietnam. Their is so much to do and documents to acquire he made it simple, clear and easy to understand whats necessary and what isn’t. Thank you David for all the advice and help to bringing my fiancé home to America!”


“I had questions regarding my citizenship application and Atty. Nguyen has been very helpful. He was so attentive and very accommodating.”

A Satisfied Client

“He helped me get my green card, was patient in the process and incredibly helpful when things went wrong. Would HEAVILY recommend him!!”

A Satisfied Client

“David very helpful from the initial phone call until the last day that we worked with him. He was very professional and knowledgeable in all of our interactions with him, even as we were not the easiest clients to deal with. He provided great service and advice to get our process done as smooth as possible. David and his staff were always ready to help us with whatever questions we had, he is very easy to talk to. I will likely use his services for any future needs and have recommended him to my family as well.”

A Satisfied Client

“David is very enthusiastic and demonstrates his passion about immigration laws and legislation. I learned beneficial details and informative advices from my appointment with him. Would recommend him to anyone seeking immigration advice and services.”

Mai A.

“Lawyer David Nguyen is Excellent and professional Lawyer. He give me a lot quality information over my case in the free consultation. He Filed a Waiver I601A on November 2017 and I got my Green Card Permanent Residency by Sept 22 2018. I highly recommend him.

He is Responsible, professional and all the costumers are important to Him. Always attend my emails, calls and texts. All the questions were patiently answered and he wrote a details emails or notes on the following steps on my case so I never feel lost on my case. He always have an update on it. His Services are not over charge. He is Excellent!”


“Throughout my naturalization process, Attorney David Nguyen patiently guided me and prepared me for every step of the way. His knowledge in this area helped make the process seamless. His method is thoughtful and detailed. He would even remind me of the upcoming event or process half way around the globe. That shows his professionalism and dedication to his client.

He is one of those attorneys that has a heart to help his client. For more than 30 years, I have always been proud of being a legal alien. When I found myself being more patriotic to this country than many who take their liberty for granted, I decided to move forward. With David Nguyen’s expertise and guidance along with warm tears in my eyes, I took the oath in August. I now am a PROUD U.S. CITIZEN! Thank you, Mr. David Nguyen!”


“David’s service was great! I was definitely impressed with the amount of detailed information he gave me on the first consultation. After much consideration and searching for other options. David was fairly priced for the quality of the service he provided. I thought my case was a bit difficult because of my past criminal background, but David helped me get through that mentality and have had a great outcome. Thank you David for all of your hard work and I can definitely say I would recommend him to family friends and all of Houston.”


“I don’t usually post reviews but this lawyer deserves an ACCOLADE!. He is really amazing. He is so knowledgeable and up-to -date. We consulted him and he nailed all the questions we asked him. I have never seen such an Intelligent lawyer in my life. I would recommend him over and over again! Trust me, you would never go wrong hiring him!”


“I want first specially Thank attorney David Nguyen for his professional yet kind help in handling my case. I strongly recommend hiring him if you are in any immigration proceedings. All that he told me would happen and when, happened exactly how he said it. There where no surprises! Thank me later!”


“This lawyer helped me a lot for my asylum case and I was granted after my interview with an immigration officer. He was always available anytime and any day to work with me. I can say that Mr. David is the best I met and I will recommend people to consult him for their case.”


“I got a call immediately from him and he invited me over,he is very diligent,thorough,I will strongly recommend him to anyone, Thank you.”


“A very generous and kind man. Very informative and professional. i never hesitate to call Mr. Nguyen he has always given me advice and importance about any of my immigration matter. i will always be thank ful to Mr.Nguyen for his guidance and will continue using his services whenever needed.”


“I highly recommend Mr.Nguyen. I’m very pleased with his service from the day one. He has been taking care of my divorce status and my green card renewal. I had difficult situation but he helped me very much. He generously cares about his client and is always willing to support you. Even when I had many questions about my green card process, he took time and explained to me until I fully understood. Even when I was contacting him via email, he consistently gave me very quick response to any questions I had but I was often surprised to get the reply from him even at night and holidays. He prepared and organized many documents for my case and I trusted his work so much that I didn’t have to worry about it at all. His work is very professional and my case is running smoothly. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, look no more. He is the best immigration lawyer you could ask for.”

A Satisfied Client

“After searching and met with three attorney, we decided to go on our I-485 case with David Nguyen. His cost is reasonable. At first glance, he was answer all of our question (even we did not agree to working with him yet) it was rarely to see on other lawyer. During our case, the time is effect me, so that I was rushing and keep asking him or directly call USCIS about our case. He still very patient, try to calm me down and give us a very clear explanation.

We are please to have his legal assistant on our case. I feel they was exceedingly helpful toward to our case. We are appreciate his thoughtful and we are also appreciate your approachable and willingness to communicate, answer our various of questions.”


“Mr. David is a great lawyer. He helped me with my permanent residency case. He was so thorough and covered all details before the date of the interview. I would recommend him to all my friends and acquaintances. Highly recommend.”

Mohammed E.

“We hired Attorney Nguyen to help with immigration services. David was very patient with questions, explained the process thoroughly and was very efficient and prompt with handling our case. I give Attorney Nguyen the highest recommendation for his services.”

Deborah F.

“David clearly kept prompt correspondence and update with situation of things. He went all out to ensure documentation we’re accurate and provide good consultation times enabling a sense of understanding and freewill. He is dedicated, honest and genuine. He made sure I have the best service I could ever get and stayed until of things in a timely professional manner. I’m very pleased.”

Fola T.

“This attorney goes the second mile to be courteous and supportive. The best part was being available 24/7. Instant responses to every question.”

Jane M.

“The Treatment was exceptional, respectful and it almost felt like family relationship other than attorney and client. I moved From Texas to the Midwest but as soon as I needed an attorney I did not hesitate to call David Nguyen. I am very thankful for everything.”

Marcelo P.

“He treated me very well, he is a good attorney. He is a smart lawyer and good one too. Keep it up.”

Mary A.

“He was honest, open and very accommodating. Had a listening ear and provide the best consultation service I’ve ever had in years. I am recommending in highest esteem you get his service.”

A Satisfied Client

“We attended a marriage interview and received a “Notice of Intent to Deny.” We were referred by a friend to contact Attorney David Nguyen. He worked hard on our case and it was approved. We would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a good attorney.”


“I filed an immigrant visa for my mother but the processing was way too long. NVC will ask us to submit things that we already did, over and over again. So we finally decided to contact a lawyer. And thanks God we did and found the right one!I will highly recommend attorney David Nguyen to anyone who needs help with any legal matters.

He will explained thoroughly about what to do and he will guide you all the way until the end. What I like the most is that, he will reply promptly to all your questions even if he is in court!

My mother has done her medical and interview just a week ago. Thanks God and thanks Attorney David for the help.
And by the way after everything I contacted him with some questions and guess what he replied with in a couple of minutes! He is there not just when the case is going on but even after that. Very approachable, very nice and very friendly person.

How I wish I found this lawyer from the very beginning. 5 stars for the Law Office of David Nguyen.”


“David comes highly recommended and have guided myself and my spouse’s case in a seamless and effortless manner and the direct result was that we were both reunited in less than a year. He was consistently available to answer any questions we had and is still available to guide us through the immigration process. We are so pleased with David’s service, his expertise and knowledge on our case and his ability and willingness to help reunite families and loved ones. Thank you again David!”

Jannie V. & Jonker Jr.

“Attorney provided professional consultation! Mr. Nguyen gave me a good overview about some for my current situation suitable visa types, the processes and the deadlines therefore. I felt overall well informed about the possibilities and I am now able to take further steps or decisions.”

A Satisfied Client

“If you want a Lawyer that is available 24/7 and genuinely cares for his clients then look no further. David personally worked on our case for my green card. We hired him for the full process, so he compiled and prepared all necessary documents and submitted to the relevant agencies on our behalf. He promised during our initial consultation to be there from start to finish and I can confidently say he kept that promise. Even when there were issues with documents or additional work to be done after the initial submission David never charged extra fees or call out costs which was very refreshing. What he charges you on day one is all that you will pay right up until the end. We had several estimates from other lawyers for the same case and found David’s to be marginally more but ultimately worth every penny. David always patiently answered all our (often obvious) questions and was available day and night. Not once did we struggle to get in touch with him even having him respond to emails in-between court appearances with other clients. I mostly corresponded with David from South Africa with a major time zone difference and even then would get responses to my questions within hours(sometimes minutes) of contacting him! We have hired multiple immigration lawyers in the past and David is without a doubt the best. Best immigration lawyer in Texas. No one comes close.”


“He is very knowledgeable and specific with his feedback. I highly recommend him!”


“I was very pleased with David Nguyen, as I immediately felt the comfort and confidence after the very first consultation with him. Thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise. You respond quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the case.

I sincerely appreciate all the help and professionalism shown by you. I would use your firm again in the future. Thanks once again.”


“We are a small staffing company. One of our clients, a mid-sized firm, decided to stiff us out of a significant sum of payment as there was no contract and the business was always conducted through verbal agreements. David took the time to understand the facts of the case and also learned the nuances of our industry in a short period of time and helped draft a demand letter to the client, which eventually led to the client paying us the entire amount within 2 weeks. He is definitely a bright lawyer and knows what he is doing. He takes the time to learn when presented with something new and us fully aware of even the legal precedents that are outside of his domain of expertise. Thanks David.!”


“Very focused, helpful, reliable, effective, responsible and patience Attorney. I am grateful to have to have him as my Immigration Attorney.”

Roderick and Grace

“Very thorough and experienced. He treated my friend fairly and expertly.”


“After first consultation, Mr. Nguyen helped me reviewed and modified my separation agreement. My employer accepted all modifications made by Mr. Nguyen and this helped me a lot. Mr. Nguyen is very knowledgeable and always helpful. He answered questions very promptly. If you have H1B issues or employment issues, I highly recommend Mr. Nguyen. His charge is also very reasonable!”


“David is a very knowledgeable and professional. His fees are extremely reasonable. He is also very easy to work with He listens and answers all of your questions David is by far one of the best attorneys that I have ever come across.”


“My divorce, which was finalized in April 2016, it was an easy process thanks to David Nguyen. He went above and beyond to make himself available for any questions or concerns that I may have had. The process lasted maybe a total of 3 months with no issues for my the uncontested divorce. He made the process run smoothly and was very professional throughout the entire process. I’m glad that I retained David to aide with my legal matter and thoroughly satisfied with his diligence in resolving my issue.”


“David provided exceptional service for my H1 Petition, He kept me informed throughout the process. Unfortunately we had an RFE but David was very knowledgeable and provided accurate documentation required for Successful Approval for my Petition. I am really Thankful to David on his excellent work. I will refer David to any of my friend who would need and assistance with Immigration.”


“Thanks to David for processing my H1B visa with in 7 Working days. I received my visa transfer papers without any RFQ and delay. I was excellent experience working with you David.”

Vishal G.

“We work for the same company and he did an outstanding job when apply/renew my H1band h4 visa for my family. He is very friendly and dedicated and we are lucky to have him as our Attorney.”


“I have worked with David as his client for 6 years, and he has always proven to keep up the promise. His work has been exceptional in handling H1B cases and filing for H4. His knowledge in the immigration domain is vast and all the suggestions made by him during the process very professional and experienced. I would suggest him to be picked as your Attorney.”


“David Nguyen was my company’s corporate attorney and handled my immigration matters, including H-1B transfer and H-1B renewal. It was a pleasure to work with David, who walked me through every step of the process, answered numerous questions and was impeccable in his paperwork. It was reassuring for me to know that a knowledgeable professional was taking care of my immigration affairs. I fully appreciated David’s professionalism, when we had to respond to a USCIS query and David coordinated patiently with various middle vendors and end client to obtain the necessary documentation. I am very thankful for his dedication and recommend his services to anyone who needs immigration legal assistance.”

Rama N.

“David handled my H-1B petition through my employer. I found him very responsive, thorough, knowledgeable and extremely professional. He was easy to get in touch with and was very patient which made the entire process very easy. I would highly recommend David for all immigration needs.”


“I’ve worked with David in the past and he’s nothing but courteous and knowledgeable about visas and immigration-related issues. He will explain the application process thoroughly and keep you in the loop about what’s going on with your status. A-1 customer service!”


“It was an absolute pleasure hiring David Nguyen as my immigration lawyer! He handled my HIB visa and my wife’s H4 visa. We were both stumbled upon receiving his services and we are ever glad we did. He was professional, intelligent, timely, reasonably priced and extremely helpful. David was available at a moments notice, and almost all of my e-mails were responded to within minutes via e-mail or a phone call. Don’t be afraid to consult or use David’s Law Firm, even if you’re not in the Houston/Texas area. I would recommend him time and time again. Thank you so much for your professional, and wonderful services. An absolute joy. Processing, he All I can say is Law Office of David Nguyen would be the best place to visit if you have any immigration issues.”


“David is a thorough professional and his knowledge in immigration is excellent. David helped me with my H1B filing in 2008 and 2009. There were a couple of complications in my case which David handled pretty efficiently. The best part about David is that he responds to your queries promptly. Two thumps up for David.”


“I am glad to have David Nguyen as my company’s corporate attorney who knows what he is doing and what needs to be done in immigration aspects. David assisted me several times during H1B and H4 processing, he is very responsive, knowledgeable and guides the individual through out the immigration process. I strongly encourage to hire David for immigration matters, I believe you would be extremely pleased with his work.”

Jay B.

“David was my company contact for all matters immigration. He filed my H1b extensions and kept me informed on the status . He helped correct an I-94 error, filing for an amendment with USCIS on time. He also help me file H4 documents for my spouse. I recommend David Nguyen for any one looking to use his services.”

A Satisfied Client

“David helped me with the H-1B visa petition. He would give me clear instructions and a list of documents to collect. That made the process very simple and effective for me. I would recommend David.”


“I have known David for more than 6 years. He handled our work related to H1B cases and responding to USCIS requests for additional evidence, consular processing, I-9 record-keeping requirements, and maintenance and audit of the LCA public access file. We had impeccable record under his supervision. Committed, responsive and caring would be the 3 words which summarize his professionalism.”


“Very professional and knowledgeable on immigration matters and it is also nice to talk to the actual lawyer in person rather than talking with their assistants. David also answers your phone calls whereas other lawyers have their assistants answer their calls. David is also very honest which is something that most lawyers don’t have, David doesn’t try to take your money like other lawyers do. If you want an experienced honest good affordable lawyer, then give David a call.”

Melissa C.

“My experience with Mr. David Nguyen has been extremely pleasant, to say the least. My matter was related to immigration. I have numerous colleagues and friends who have and are going through the immigration process in a number of different capacities. They have sought lawyers who have caused them long delays, more money, and faulty advice. Mr. David Nguyen has been the utmost of a professional who actually cares about you as a person and your particular case. You can tell that he is well informed on all matters related to your case.

I am very fortunate that I stumbled upon Mr. David Nguyen services. I did a google search and found him just on the basis of luck. I just didn’t know who was well versed on legal immigration matters in Houston.

If you aren’t sure about who to go to, do yourself a huge favor and choose Mr. David Nguyen. You will not be disappointed with his amazing services.”

John G.

“Mr. David Nguyen is very gentle & Honest hard worker help full David is not crazy for Money I really give him SELUT.”

Stone G.