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Can I get a divorce when I cannot locate my spouse?

Can I get a divorce when I cannot locate my spouse Lawyer, Houston, Texas

In Texas, it is possible for a person to get a divorce even when their spouse’s whereabouts are unknown. The process to obtain a divorce when you do not know where your spouse is located is called Divorce by Publication.

Divorce by Publication is more expensive, because it requires that you hire an attorney that is familiar with handling this type of case, hire an ad litem attorney to represent and find your spouse, and publish a notice in a recognized news publication, which typically cost $200-$250.

For this reason, before you seek a Divorce by Publication, try to locate your spouse using the following methods:

  1. Check the telephone listings where you or your spouse lived
  2. Reach out to mutual friends and relatives
  3. Visit your spouse’s prior/current workplace
  4. Visit your local U.S. Postal Office and ask for the forwarding address
  5. Check your local property records
  6. Check with your state records for driver’s license or vehicle registration
  7. Check with your spouse’s prior/current landlord
  8. Run a search on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media

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