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Houston Vietnamese Attorney

The Vietnamese Community in Houston

With the largest Vietnamese community outside of California, the Houston metropolitan area has over 100,000 first and second generation Vietnamese-Americans. This vibrant community is evident in Little Saigon in the heart of Houston and so it is only natural that such a large population reap the benefits adjoining services that come with it. A Vietnamese attorney in Houston, Texas can more efficiently serve the needs of this community by negating the need for a translator, providing first rate quality services to individuals, families, small and large businesses and helping bridge both the Vietnamese and American cultures.

Vietnamese Attorney for your personalized needs

Culture can serve as an unspoken communicator for many people, particularly outside of their home country. An entire set of values and principles can be understood between two people who share a similar background, enabling the instant creation of a sense of ease and understanding between the two parties.

When it comes to the many technical and sometimes overwhelming tasks that attorneys handle everyday for their clients anyone can feel the dissonance between attorney and client and this can be felt further if there are language or cultural barriers. In these instances you may feel more comfortable with an attorney with whom you share a similar background. A Vietnamese attorney in Houston can enable you to enter and engage in legal services more easily, comfortable in the knowledge of a set of shared values, cultural norms, principles and style of doing business. Legal matters can have a significant impact on your life and that of those closest to you so it is important to be able to feel confidence and trust in your lawyer and an attorney of Vietnamese roots can help fill that gap for all of your legal needs, whatever they may be.

Immigration Services

The US Immigration system can be complex, confusing and is constantly changing.  A Vietnamese attorney can be instrumental in helping you with your immigration needs, whether they are for yourself, your family or your business. Some of the most common instances that would benefit from a Vietnamese attorney are:

  • Applications for Citizenship
  • Family Based Immigration
  • Fiancé Visa
  • Employment and Residency based Greencards
  • E-1, E-2 and EB-5 Investor Visas
  • Deportation or Removal Cases

Immigration cases can often be complex, time-sensitive and will have a huge impact on the lives and family of those they affect so it is important to consult a knowledgeable, experienced and reputable attorney who understands your needs. A Vietnamese immigration attorney in the Houston area can help guide you along this complicated process and raise your chances of a positive outcome significantly. When dealing with family immigration it may also be a significant advantage to have an attorney who has experience in working in Vietnamese immigration to the United States. For more detailed information on Texas immigration policy see the state bar guide to immigration to see where to get started before contacting an attorney.

Small Business Needs

A Vietnamese attorney can help you in any and all of your small business needs from forming a company, partnership or any other legal business entity to helping you figure out your tax status. Business laws and codes can vary between states and countries so an attorney can help you understand them and make sure your business is compliant, they can also aid in training and certifications as well as helping your employees obtain work visas.  A Houston Vietnamese attorney can also have some insight into your style of doing business, helping you feel more comfortable and reducing the stress inherent in making business legal transactions.

Personal Services

Wills and Estate Planning

Perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and that of your loved ones, wills and estate planning can only be entrusted to a person or individual with whom you feel a sense of trust. A Vietnamese attorney can help in the creation of this trust through shared cultural understanding and can help you with matters such as setting up a simple will or a living will, designating who will inherit your property or guardianship of your children in case of the worst. Wills can be custom fitted to your needs and a local Houston Vietnamese attorney can help you meet them.

Family Law

While divorce has long been held as a taboo subject in Vietnamese culture more and more Vietnamese-Americans are filing for divorce in the United States and in the event of a divorce , it may be useful to have a Vietnamese attorney who has an understanding of your values and the sensitivity of the situation which you and your family are facing. A Vietnamese attorney will understand the importance you place on family values and can help you understand the rights and responsibilities that arise from divorce proceedings on important matters such as your finances, tax status and the custody of your children.

With so many attorneys to choose from in the Houston area consult a Vietnamese attorney for your legal needs. Law Office of David Nguyen are experts in serving clients of Vietnamese origin in the Houston area, providing a high quality and comprehensive array of both personal and business services while simultaneously strengthening the Vietnamese culture in Texas.

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