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Top 7 Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

Top 7 Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney, Houston, Texas

Before hiring a divorce attorney, you can ask these questions to ensure that you are making the right decision in hiring the right attorney.

  1. Have you handled a divorce case before? In Texas, attorneys can practice many different areas of laws. For this reason, some attorneys will take divorce cases even when they have no experience handling a divorce case. Going through a divorce is stressful enough without having to worry about whether or not your attorney is filing the right forms or giving you best advice.
  2. What is your strategy for my case? – Attorneys vary in skill and experience. You can learn a lot about an attorney based on his/her answer this question.
  3. How long will the divorce process take? Experienced attorneys will know the average time required to obtain a divorce. A divorce in Texas can take as little as SIXTY-ONE (61) days or more than ONE (1) year.
  4. How long do you take to return phone calls, emails, and texts? – Some attorneys will consider 7+ days a reasonable time to return a phone call. Some attorneys may not allow you to email or text them. Before you hire an attorney, you should ask your attorneys these questions and set your expectations accordingly.
  5. Will anyone else in your office be working on my case? If yes, what experience do they have and can I meet with them before signing the agreement? If you go with a large law firm, you should know that many large law firms will give your case to an associate attorney or paralegal to work on. The associate or paralegal may have no experience handling divorce cases and may make mistakes when handling your case. It is important to know who you will have to work with when you have questions about your case.
  6. Will you charge me a flat fee or an hourly fee? – If a divorce case is uncontested, most attorneys will charge a flat/fixed fee. If your attorney charges an hourly fee and appears litigious, it is likely that your attorney fees will be very high.
  7. What other costs and fees should I expect? – If your case involves children, you may have mediation and parenting class fees. If your case involves the split of a business, you may have private investigators and forensic accountant fees.

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