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Why do immigration attorneys charge for consultations?

Why do immigration attorneys charge for consultations Lawyer, Houston, TexasImmigration laws are very complex.  The more experience an immigration attorney has, the more likely they will charge for consultations.

Experience immigration attorneys are fully aware of the risks and complications that can result from providing legal advice without having a clear picture of the situation.  For example, at our office, Attorney David Nguyen, provides free general consultations.

However, there are situations where Attorney David Nguyen will require a paid consultation to determine the likelihood of a potential client’s success.  The types of cases that usually require a paid consultation, include:

  • Marriage Fraud
  • Cases involving a prior removal/deportation history
  • Cases involving a prior or current criminal history
  • Cases involving previously filed petitions or applications; and/or
  • Cases with complicated facts

In these situations, Attorney David Nguyen will not be able to provide legal advice until he reviews the person’s family, immigration, and criminal history to determine available options.

How Can I Schedule A Paid Consultation?

Non-clients can schedule paid consultations by calling the office at (281) 777-1236 between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.  Non-clients can also pay for and schedule the paid consultation here:

How Much Is A Paid Consultation?

Attorney David Nguyen charges a $500 consultation fee.

What Happens During A Paid Consultation?

Attorney David Nguyen will ask in-depth questions, examine available documents, and provide legal advice based on the information.

How Do I Know If Attorney David Nguyen Can Help Me, Before I Pay For A Consultation Fee?

Unfortunately, there are times with Attorney David Nguyen informs a potential client that there is nothing that can be done for them to obtain permanent residency.  Not everyone will qualify for permanent residency.  However, if there is a possible solution to the problem, Attorney David Nguyen will provide all of the available options.

Can I Pay For The Paid Consultation In-Person?

No. Please pay online at

When Is Your Next Availability?

When potential clients pay for a consultation, they will be redirected to Attorney David Nguyen’s calendar.  Individuals that pay for a consultation can select any openings on the attorney’s calendar.

What Happens If I Miss My Appointment?

If a person misses a consultation without providing a 24-hour notice, the paid consultation fee will not be refunded. Additionally, any future appointments will require a new consultation fee.

For more information on Why do immigration attorneys charge for consultations a consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (281) 777-1236 today.