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What is an individual or merits hearing?

What is an individual or merits hearing Lawyer, Houston, TexasWhen individuals are in removal or deportation proceedings, their cases are handled by the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) otherwise known as the immigration court.

When the court requests a hearing, there are generally two types: (1) Master Calendar Hearing (MCH) and (2) Individual Hearing (also known as the “Merits Hearing”).

What is an Individual or Merits Hearing?

This is usually referred to as the final hearing, because the foreign national is required to present evidence and provide testimony to show that s/he is eligible for immigration relief and should remain in the United States.

When is my Individual Hearing?

You can call the immigration court that is handling your case and provide them with your Alien Registration Number to receive this information. You can also visit the government’s website here:

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