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What happens if I divorce my spouse while my naturalization case is pending?

divorce during pending naturalization case

If you submitted a naturalization application based on the condition of being a lawful permanent resident for THREE (3) years and being married to a U.S. citizen, your naturalization application will be denied if you either separate or divorce from your U.S. citizen spouse by the time of your naturalization interview. However, if you filed your naturalization application solely based on being a lawful permanent resident for FIVE (5) years, getting a divorce will not have a major impact your application.

There will be a few additional forms that you will have to provide to the naturalization officer at the time of your interview and you will need to be prepared to answer a few additional questions, but overall, you should not be too concerned.

If your marriage is rocky or troubled, please consider waiting until you can file your naturalization application when you qualify based on being a permanent resident for a full FIVE (5) years to avoid the headache of having to withdraw a pending naturalization application. Additionally, you should not expect the government to provide you with a refund on your application or a credit on your next application.

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