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Top 10 Reasons For A Delay Or Denial Of The N-400 Application

Top 10 Reasons For A Delay Or Denial Of The N-400 Application Lawyer, Houston, Texas

USCIS received an unprecedented number of applications, totaling more than 971,000 in fiscal year 2016 (compared with 738,000 in fiscal year 2015). Technological issues, higher filing fees, etc. have led to processing delays. Hiring an experienced attorney can help prevent additional delays.

Common Reasons For The Delay Or Denial

  1. Submitting the wrong fee amount. Fees change periodically and applicants 75 years of age or older do not need to pay for the biometric fees.

  2. Submitting invalid payments. Many applicants will submit USCIS Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions, with their application. We do not recommend this. If for any reason, the credit card transaction does not process, the application will be rejected. An immigration attorney can provide information concerning alternative and more secure payment methods.

  3. Failing to disclose criminal history. Applicants should disclose any/all charges, citations, arrests, convictions, alternative sentences, rehabilitative programs, probations, imprisonment, etc. Certain crimes will may make a person ineligibility for naturalization – even if the crime was dismissed or expunged.

  4. Failing to demonstrate good moral character. Committing certain crimes, providing false testimony to obtain any benefit from the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), engaging in polygamy, failing to pay child support, engaging in extramarital affairs, etc. may cause USCIS to deny a naturalization application.

  5. Submitting the application to the wrong place. Most applications will require that the applicant file the application at a certain location depending on the applicant’s current residence, whether the application is filed as a standalone application or with other applications/petitions, the type of courier service used, etc.

  6. Submitting incorrect documents and/or supporting evidence. Submitting the wrong forms and supporting evidence can lead to an application denial. The applicant has the responsibility to prove that s/he qualifies to be a U.S. citizen.

  7. Submitting incorrect or incomplete information. Mistakes can lead to a finding of material misrepresentation – even if you did not intend to deceive USCIS. Material misrepresentation is a reason for the denial of the naturalization application. An attorney can ensure that the information is correct and help you find missing/incomplete information.

  8. Hiring a non-attorney or unqualified attorney. Before you hire an attorney, we recommend that you meet with the attorney and read his/her online client testimonials. Afterward, ask yourself these questions: Is the attorney licensed and eligible to practice law? How easy was it to speak directly with the attorney? How long has the attorney been in business? Does the attorney have experience handling these types of cases?

  9. Missing appointments and deadlines. If you file the application yourself, USCIS will only send notifications to you. However, if you hire an attorney, your attorney will notified as well. An experienced immigration attorney will notify you of changes related to your application. This will help you avoid missing important notices and/or deadlines.

  10. Not being prepared for the interview. It is important to prepare for the naturalization interview. An experienced immigration attorney can provide you with sample interview questions and instructions regarding the testing protocols.

Experience Matters

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