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Top 10 People That Should Get A Will Immediately

Top 10 People That Should Get A Will Immediately Lawyer, Houston, TexasNot having a valid will could have devastating consequences – not for you, but for your loved ones. As a law firm that has experience helping families without a will in the probate court, these are the top TEN (10) types of people that should get a will immediately:

1. You own real property (i.e. home, vehicle, rental property, etc.).

2. You have minor children and would like to designate a guardian.

3. You have a blended family (children from a current marriage and prior marriage).

4. You have substantial debt (i.e. student loans, credit cards, mortgage, etc.).

5. You have specific property (i.e. heirlooms, inheritances, personal property, etc.) that you would like to pass on to certain individuals.

6. You have a large family and are worried about unnecessary conflicts and in-fighting.

7. You are married but owned (separate) property before the marriage.

8. You do not want certain individuals in your family to have any control over your property when you pass.

9. You are not married, but you have a significant other that you would like your property to go to.

10. You want to ensure that your family and/or loved ones will not have a difficult time distributing your estate.

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