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Should I choose a small or large law firm?

Should I choose a small or large law firm Lawyer, Houston, Texas

Attorney David Nguyen has worked in various business environments, ranging from boutique law firms to large, multi-million-dollar companies. There are definitely pros and cons when considering which size firm is best for you.

After working for over SEVEN (7) years as Corporate Counsel for an Internet Technology (IT) company, Attorney Nguyen left the position to pursue a career in private practice. When deciding on whether to open a small firm or large firm, Attorney Nguyen decided that only a small firm would be able to afford his clients the best level of service. These are the top FIVE (5) reasons why Attorney Nguyen opted for a small firm instead of a large firm.

  1. More Attention

Small law firms can often provide clients with more one-on-one attention. At large law firms, the person that the client meets for the first time and signs up with is not necessarily the person that will handle the client’s case. Before hiring a firm to represent you, it is important to ask who will personally handle your case.

  1. Actual Years of Experience

When a large law firm advertises that it has many years of experience (i.e. 50 years), this may be misleading. A large law firm may be advertising the total experience from all of its attorneys. This means that the attorney that is assigned to your case may only be a recent law school graduate.

Additionally, large firms handle many different types of cases (i.e. Personal Injury, Healthcare, Criminal, Family, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Consumer, etc.), which means that the attorney handling your case may not have the experience needed for your particular legal matter. An attorney at a small firm may only focus on a few areas of law, which will make them more experienced in your type of case.

  1. Easier Access & Availability

Generally, working with a small law firm will afford you a direct line of communication to the attorney handling your case. Large law firms may require you to speak to legal assistants, paralegals, and other office support staff for your legal needs. Without a direct line of communication, you may encounter a long delay in obtaining answers and/or information regarding your case.

  1. Lower Fees

Large firms require bigger office space and more employees. This will inevitably lead to higher attorney fees for the same legal services.

  1. Reputation

Since there are many attorneys at a large law firm, the firm’s reputation may be based only on one or two people and not specifically the attorney that will be working on your case. When hiring a law firm, ask which attorney will be assigned to your case and research that particular attorney’s reputation.

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