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How Much Does a Will Cost in Texas?

How Much Does a Will Cost in Texas Lawyer, Houston, Texas

There are various types of Wills. First, there are simple/basic Wills, which simply takes effect when a person is deceased. Second, there are Living Wills, which take effect when a person is deceased and when a person is incapacitated (unable to make decisions due to physical or mental reasons).Living Wills are more beneficial to have, because it will allow a person to choose who they want to take care of their person/body and/or who they want to take care of their finances in the event that they become incapacitated (unconscious or unable to make decisions).

How much does it cost for a basic Will?

A Will in Texas averages between $4,500 to $10,000. The price depends on the experience of the attorney drafting the Will. Reputable attorneys will charge a minimum of $5,000+, since a Will is only valid if it is properly drafted and executed. For this reason, if an attorney does not offer a Will Ceremony to ensure that the Will is executed properly, the Will can later be deemed improperly executed and unenforceable in court.

Why do some law firms charge less than $4,500 for a Will?

There are several reasons why some law firms charge only a small fee for a Will.

  1. Some law firms employ legal assistants and paralegals to complete your Will – and will never personally review it. Paraprofessionals are not attorneys and should not be practicing law in Texas. Paraprofessionals may not be knowledgeable about how the forms should be completed or why the forms should be drafted in a certain way.
  2. Some law firms will not provide a Will Ceremony – and will only provide Will Ceremony instructions. In our experience, it is not wise to provide self-help instructions to clients on such an important document that controls a client’s final wishes.
  3. Some law firms will not provide a courtesy Public Notary to notarize the forms. This means that clients will have to find or hire their own public notary to execute the documents.
  4. Wills are customizable. There are many premium options that can be included in the Will. However, some law firms will not explain these options to their clients. If you want to make specific gifts to certain beneficiaries – you can. If you have young children – you can appoint a guardian. If you want to donate your body for medical study – you can. There are many options that an experienced attorney will have knowledge about.
How much does the Law Office of David Nguyen, PC typically charge for Will services?

A Will must be properly drafted, properly executed, and signed before TWO (2) disinterested witnesses (i.e. family members or blood relatives or any Will beneficiaries) and a Public Notary.

Failure to follow to proper protocol when executing a Will can make it unenforceable and invalid.

Forms, Will Ceremony, Drafts, and Basic
Probate Instructions for Harris County
$5,000 per person

Educated and smart people have Wills.

Educated people understand that investing a few hundred into a valid and enforceable Will is a solid investment. They understand that when a person dies without a Will in Texas and the Will goes into the Probate Court, the Probate Judge will usually require that the beneficiaries/heirs hire TWO (2) attorneys – one to represent them and one to represent the person without a Will (“the decedent”). The costs associated with hiring a Probate Attorney is at least a few thousand dollars. This amount is definitely more than the cost of having a properly executed Will.

Smart people understand that when a person dies (“the decedent”) without a Will, their loved ones are forced to pick up the pieces. Without a valid and enforceable Will, a person’s loved ones will be grieving after a decedent’s death – and worried about hiring Probate Attorney(s), a lengthier probate process, and family disagreements related to the distribution of the love one’s estate.

Educated and smart people have a Will to ensure that their final wishes are granted and to have the peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will have less to worry about in the event of their passing.

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