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How can I notify the immigration court that I have moved?

How can I notify the immigration court that I have moved Lawyer, Houston, TexasWhen individuals are in removal or deportation proceedings, their cases are handled by the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) otherwise known as the immigration court.

It is very important for foreign nationals to notify the immigration court when they have moved. This way, they will be notified of any changes to their court hearings.

Foreign nationals will need to submit Form EOIR-33, Change of Address. This document should be sent the immigration court where the proceedings are currently taking place and the government’s opposing counsel.

Where can I find Form EOIR-33, Change of Address?

You can find the form here:

Should I send the EOIR-33, Change of Address form by U.S. Certified Mail?

We recommend that individuals have proof that they notified the immigration court and the opposing government counsel. If there is an adverse action taken against you in the immigration court, but you were unaware, you may not have a defense if you do not have evidence that you properly notified the government that you moved.

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