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Fiancé visas

What is a Fiancé Visa Lawyer?

A fiance visa lawyer is an immigration attorney that specializes in helping US citizens bring their significant other to the United States under the K-1 visa program (Fiance visa) for the purpose of marriage. They are familiar with the various stages of the multi-agency process and are adept at preparing their customers applications as thoroughly as possible to make sure their fiance can enter the United States legally and unencumbered.

What is a Fiancé visa?

A fiance visa a nonimmigrant work visa that allows the holder to travel to the United States one time for the purposes of marriage. Fiance visa holders must marry within 90 days of arriving in the US and are not allowed to work during that time however as soon as they are wed they can apply for a work permit. If a fiance visa holder leaves the US before the 90 days without getting married they will not be allowed to re-enter the country under the fiance visa program unless they go through the application process all over again. The US citizen petitioning their fiance must file a petition with the USCIS which are then sent on to the National Visa Center and finally the US embassy in the fiance’s home country for approval. The whole process can take up to of 6 months. If your fiance has children that they would like to bring to the US they can also be petitioned and travel to the United States before the wedding takes place.

Requirements for a Fiance Visa

  • US citizen petitioning- A resident on a green card cannot apply for a fiance visa, all petitioners must be US Citizens.
  • Proof of meeting within the last 2 years – In order to avoid fraud and prove that the marriage is a genuine Bona Fide engagement you must provide proof that you have met your fiance in person within the last two years for a successful application.
  • Proof of Financial Support – The petitioner must prove that they have enough funds to support their fiance and any dependents (children) that are also being listed on the application. The minimum required amount is dependent on the poverty rate and the number of dependents in the application.
  • Documents and applications- The first step in obtaining a fiance visa is submitting the I – 129F petition form which can be found on the USCIS website.

Why hire a Fiancé Visa Attorney

There are various steps that to successfully petitioning for a K-1 Fiance Visa and involving three different government agencies, leaving room for denial at any of the various stages. Applications with mistakes or missing information will be delayed or rejected. In order to avoid this as well as any stress or confusion that the process may cause you should consult a Houston fiance visa attorney to help you achieve the petition process successfully.

Fiance visas, while fairly common are different from other visa applications in that you must prove that the relationship between the petitioner and fiance is legitimate and not a case of visa fraud. This makes them particularly sensitive as the US government and even the customs officer the fiance will encounter upon arrival in the US (who has the power to deny entry regardless of the approved application) will be looking out for anything wrong or that seems out of the ordinary so hiring an expert in the field can ensure you will not have to repeat this time consuming process more than once.

What to look for in a Fiancé Visa Lawyer or Firm

  • Dedication- A good fiance lawyer or law firm will specialize in this area of immigration law and be able to provide you with the detail oriented attention that it requires. Look for firms that list fiance visas under their specialty services.
  • Experience- A proven track record in fiance visa applications is a tell tale sign of whether or not your lawyer will be able to successfully take you through the application process.
  • References- Ask your attorney for any client references or testimonials regarding cases such as your own, a good fiance lawyer should have references readily available for your peace of mind.

Other considerations to keep in mind

The most common reason why fiance visas are rejected is because they are deemed to be a sham marriage for visa purposes and so are denied. While arranged marriages are still existent in the world they are not common place in the United States and there are many agencies that exist solely for the purpose of gaining entry and residence to the US and the USCIS scrutinizes all applications to make sure that it is a Bona Fide marriage. However we know that it can sometimes be difficult to provide all of the necessary elements for a successful application so consult a Houston fiance visa attorney to make sure your petition is successful.

What should I know before my consultation with a Houston Fiancé Visa Lawyer?

Fiance visas are common but fairly complex.

If you were previously denied a K-1 Fiance visa bring all relevant materials used in the petition previously. The most common reason for denial aside from marriage fraud is missing or mistaken elements in the application paperwork, so if you are applying for a second time the help of a finance lawyer can be the difference between a denied application or a successful one. The attorneys at the law office of David Nguyen specialize in Fiance Visas for clients in the Houston area and have the experience necessary to help you successfully navigate the fiance visa petitioning process.

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